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The “parterre de roi” that constitutes ASPI’s Board of Directors clearly expresses its mission: to be in Italy the most referential authority of the contemporary Sommellerie, with the objective to create and offer real opportunities of development and jobs to professional Sommeliers that means someone that has the proper education  and works as Sommelier exclusively or most of the time.


The professional growth of the Sommelier ‘s role will be the major premise for the promotion of  wine, drinks and food culture among  the variety of people the Sommelier deals with every and each day by the very  nature of his job.





For “Modern Sommelier” we intend a professional figure of deep education and broad knowledge about the wine word and all the drinks for the table- since the Italian dinner table today presents international products that blends with the Mediterranean cuisine, as other foreign dinner tables do too.

The new Sommelier that works in the modern restaurant business should be knowledgeable and be able to match drinks that are popular and widely used in other Countries like mineral waters, beer , teas, coffee, sake’ and herbal teas with the local food- because the specialty food market is always developing and challenging.


The new Sommelier should also know the features of each drink and be able to present them to the consumer in such way that this one would enjoy it in the best possible way and maybe with unusual food combination. Today food choices are multiple, and the Sommelier could suggest new drinks to usual food like herbal teas for Mediterranean cuisine, or he could suggest a particular Italian wine as perfect pair for a spicy Indian plate or a delicate Japanese sushi.


The Modern Sommelier should be curious and open to experiment new matches for wine:  with foods that once were considered eccentric like wine and ice cream or wine and chocolate.


Giuseppe Vaccarini has been the first to enlighten those ideas in the Sommellerie word. His work has been the foundation of the “Sommelier Handbook” published by Giunti in 2005, as well as the Mineral Water knowledge has been condensed in Water Codex I, II, and III published by S. Pellegrino and Acqua Panna. The Codex for Ice Cream explores the pair wine and ice cream while the Coffee Codex describes the testing and  matches for coffee in capsule of the Nespresso- these publication are used all over the word for the Master Coffee Sommelier and the Chef academy.


The modern sommelier has education and job experience in the wine field but has also managerial skills and duties: he needs to compose the wine chart, organize the cellar, and manage the wines purchase. That means that he must be able to find the break-even point, to appraise the existing stocks and be able to understand the clients (communication and marketing are also important in every restaurant business).




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